Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Contest-Winner Posted

So that my blog won't be so lonely I think I will do a contest. Once I get to 25 followers I will give a prize out to one of my followers, but for an extra chance to win anyone who gets someone else to follow gets another entry. The more entires you have the better your odds. I will go check out what I have but the contest starts now! Please leave a comment that you are following and have your friend post one that they sent you so I know who gets extra entries!

****Updated April 27th****
I literally put all the names into a hat box and had my DD pick a slip......And the winner is......drumroll please.............Kim Jenkins!!! Congrats Kim! Please send me your address so that I can mail you your prize! Don't forget the 100 follower giveaway!


  1. Hey
    Hope you Reach your goal.I have been thinking about doing a blog. but nervious Good luck.

  2. Hello there. I hope to win YOUR contest.

  3. The best of luck to you. I keep 2 blogs going: one for my crafting and one for my life (kids, exercising and life in general). It's a good thing you got Kim to help, she could sell used gum off the highway! LOL!


  4. I'm a follower now!! :) Can't wait to see more of your stuff! Now, if I could just get going on the blog-building thing....lol

  5. i'm following you now, can't wait to see what else you post. and good luck at getting 25 followers :)

    baby.cowgirl88 at yahoo dot com

  6. I am following now - cute projects! I also keep two blogs - however, they kind of keep crossing over which does what - oh well, one of these days I will get them straight. Have fun!!!

  7. im following you now..... can wait to see your creations.... good luck!!!!

  8. New follower :) and you are almost to 25!! Yay!!

    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  9. I just became your 25th follower.. YEA.. love your projects.. have fun with your blog..

  10. Following you!!! Can't wait to see all the posts of your great projects!!

    aka Doodles on the Cricut MB

  11. following you.. can't wait to see your project. Come and follow me!

  12. Congratulations on reaching your goal. I am now a follower also.



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