Saturday, July 30, 2011

RGB Codes for Imagine Cartridges

I know some of you have wanted to know the RGB codes for the Imagine carts, well I found the one Chris from Provo Craft did and made it into a PDF for everyone. This was updated in March. Once he updates it again I will revise the PDF and update you all. If you would like to see the file and download it please visit my Google doc and have at it. Click here for Just My Crafts's Imagine PDF file. Please note I do not take credit for this other than making it into a PDF and uploading it, Chris at PC did all the work, so if you want to thank anyone please thank him. I'm just the middle-woman. =) Have a great weekend!!


  1. Thanks for this. And thanks for giving credit where it's due. That always gives me great respect for a person who doesn't act like something is their own if it isn't. :)

  2. Thank you to you for sharing this and ESPECIALLY to Chris for creating this in the first place. This will be a huge help for us Imagine owners!


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