Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bucket List Blog Hop

Welcome to Just My Crafts and the "Bucket List" Blog Hop! If you've come from visiting Michelle's blog you're in the right place! If you've just happened across my blog and would like to play along with our fun hop, you can go to and start at the beginning. We would love to share a few projects with you on some of our Bucket List ideas.  So get ready for some super fun projects and some fun giveaways along the way! Make sure to check out each member's blog. There will be some fun prizes along the way, AND there will be some AWESOME ideas! 

I would like to thank Michelle for allowing me to participate in this blog hop and wish her a very Happy Birthday. Also would like to wish Jamie and Wendy Happy birthday and Happy Anniversary to Gill and Jim. 

For my project I decided to make a purse size bucket list notebook. I have not made a Bucket List yet, I guess I never really thought about it. So my list is growing and in order to keep it that way, I figured I needed something that I could pull out no matter where I was and add something or check something off easily. So I guess my first entry in my Bucket List notebook is to make a Bucket List LOL. So as a birthday present to myself I have started my Bucket List. I never knew how much stuff I wanted to do that I have not yet done. For my project I printed out paper from my Imagine and covered a mini composition book with it. I added a fabric block from Fantasy Fabric Blocks on the front. I used mod podge on it so that I can easily wipe off anything that may land on it while it is in my purse. I wanted to add more decorations to it but then decided against it since I thought it would probably fall off while in my purse anyways. But don't hold me to it, I may add more decor to it in the upcoming days. Don't you just love the little air balloon? Make sure you go check out the website it you would like to try the fabric blocks, there are gorgeous and come in so many different styles!! 

But wait before you go please let me know what is something that is on your Bucket List that you want to check off this year!! Mine would be to take a real vacation with my honey, last one was almost 3 years ago. I will pick someone on Monday and send you a little blog candy!!! For an extra entry (leave a separate comment, go Like Altura Credit Union's Facebook page and like my comment (Justina Almanza) under the Taylor Swift ticket post and then come back here and let me know.

Thank you for visiting, you next stop is Anita!! Here is the line up just in case you get lost:

  1. Michelle - <----Happy Birthday today the 18th
  2. Justina <----My Birthday on the 28th (YOU ARE HERE)
  3. Anita -
  4. Ashley -
  5. Amy -
  6. Maria -
  7. Tami
  8. Sher
  9. Scrappingmamma~
  10. Gina -
  11. Gill - <----Happy Anniversary on the 11th
  12. Linda T -
  13. Inga -
  14. Corrine
  15. Deborah
  16. Brynn
  17. Lori
  18. Nancy
  19. Monica -
  20. Lisa -
  21. Wendy - <----Happy Birthday on the 31st
  22. Jamie <----Happy Birthday today the 18th


  1. That turned out really cute. I haven't found a use for that fabric block yet. :) Something else on my bucket list would be another cruise with dh. I wish we could go on a month long one.

  2. How pretty!! I love the glitter on it!! Great job!!


  3. Happy Birthday a little early, but just in case. Love the notebook. And to think I carry plain notebooks all the time. Have to fix that. I'm just starting my bucket list and the first item is to visit all the lighthouses in the immediate area (50 miles or so).

    vwilson577 at

  4. Happy Early Birthday!!!I love your project---it is beautiful.Thanks for being in this hop with me.
    Hugs, Anita

  5. Wow, this is absolutely adorable. Great job:<)

  6. I love the cover of your journal. It's beautiful. I really don't have a bucket list, but I think I need to start one.
    I would be honored if you came to see my blog here

  7. Your altered journal is amazing!! My top three are to visit Australia, Egypt and Israel.

  8. That is so pretty! I love the colours! Ty for the great idea.

  9. very cute. and happy birthday to you.
    I would like to go visit my cousin before this year is over

  10. This is very cool Justina. I love books. I don't have an Imagine, so not really sure what it can do, but it looks fantastic! I too would love to go on a vacation. I haven't had one with my honey in quite some time. tfs Tami

    Tambo's Creations

  11. great project - very cute. Happy birthday, hope you are having a great day.


  12. This is gorgeous! TFS!

  13. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  14. The balloon on front looks 3D to it has something in the center of it pushing it up..Very nice! I love the colors too..

    For my bucket list..I want to swim with the dolphins!

  15. Happy Birthday! So pretty! Thanks CallyAnn

  16. This is so pretty!! Something on my bucket list would be to go on a cruise!! :)
    ♥ Laura ♥

  17. That is a great little book..I have not started a bucket list either...although I love the movie!

  18. Beautiful journal. I have been wanting to donate blood or plasma, but I have been such a chicken. I hope I get up the courage to do it this year.

    Smiles Sher

  19. Cute notebook! Before I forget, I want to wish you an early Happy Birthday! I don't really have a bucket list to speak of but something I want to do before I die is to visit the UK. There are other places I want to visit too but as my roots are in the UK, it's on the top of my list of places I want to see.


  20. Very nice, on my bucket list is still a trip to Paris....been on my list since high school...probably not gonna make it but have crossed off a lot of

  21. This is a great idea! I love the hot air balloon! Two things that I must do are ride in a hot air balloon (came close once but didn't have enough money) and take my family to Atlantis/Paradise Island. Happy Birthday!!
    Come follow me if you like- I also have a challenge blog for prizes at

  22. Interesting fabric block - need to look into those:-) Great book for keeping track of the list! I think a good goal for this year is to completely catch up in my scrapbooks!!
    jejaeb at cfl dot rr dot com

  23. a Very Happy Birthday to you on the 28th! We have a lovely hotair balloon festival here in Colorado Springs every Labor Day. Love this card. Peggie

  24. such a cute notebook! on my bucket list would be 2 take floral design classes! thanx~prhmangel at gmail dot comsuch a cute notebook! on my bucket list would be 2 take floral design classes! thanx~prhmangel at gmail dot com

  25. Your bucket list notebook is gorgeous!!! So glad to be in this hop with you!!

  26. Love the hot air balloon! Happy Birthday!

  27. Great project. Love the colors. I have a visit to Montreal on my Bucket List and it looks like maybe I'll be celebrating my birthday there!

  28. beautiful journal.Happy Birthday.....

  29. Back for day two but not seeing a new post..:(

  30. Such a pretty little book!! Love the colors you've used... :) Something I could cross off my list for this year? Hmmmm.... I would like to actually FINISH a scrapbook (I have many, many, many started and in the works, but none that are 100% finished). Thanks for encouraging me to think about that!! :)

    Happy to be a follower,
    Amy :) at

  31. Very nice idea to do. Pretty. I'm a follower now and looking forward to your other ideas.

  32. Justina, that is a beautiful notebook! I LOVE the fabric block

  33. I want to wish a very Happy Birthday and I am a follower :).

  34. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! I am a follower of yours on this blog, and I did vote for your Taylor Swift tickets... Hope that you win!!

    Reach me at :

  35. Happy Birthday and what a fabby project

  36. I forgot to mention on HERE that I had gone to Altrua & liked your comment...I've been to sick to be online to see if you won...Hope you did!

  37. How elegant! TFS and for stopping by my blog, Justina!


  38. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com


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