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Old School Cartridge Blog Hop

Welcome to Just My Crafts and the Old School Cartridges Blog Hop! If you've come from visiting Peggy at you're in the right place! If you've just happened across my blog and would like to play along with our fun hop, you can go to INKING IT UP CRAZY and start at the beginning. We would love to share a few projects and ideas with you using the older cricut cartridges.  So get ready for some super fun projects and some fun giveaways along the way!  After you have finished the hop, be sure to head on back to INKING IT UP CRAZY  and create and link up a project of your own using one of your older cartridges.  The older the better ;) Make sure to check out each member's blog. There will be some fun prizes along the way, AND there will be some AWESOME ideas!  

For my project I decided to use New Arrival. I have never used this cartridge before, so I thought this would be the perfect cart to use. Shortly after I was asked to do this blog hop my step-daughter called me and preceded to tell me that she no longer needed me to go wedding dress shopping with her, I was taken back and then she said because I need you to help me get a nursery ready. I am so excited, this is grand baby number 6...for a 32 well I will be 33 when she has the baby. (HA HA my honey is 19 years older than me =)) So instead of planning a big wedding we are having a small one and focusing on the new arrival. So in anticipation of the newest member of our already large family I decided to make a card. I had to make it a little generic until we find out if it is a boy or a girl (fingers crossed). So I found this great easel card video that I found on Crafty Susy's Blog. It was a little challenging for me since I had to break out the Gypsy and I have never used it other than to link my cartridges to it. Let's just say what would take a person an hour at the most to do the project took me 2 days. I did the gypsy file saved it and then when I went back to it and it was no longer 3 layers but one layer. So I had to start over. And figuring out the paper was another thing that took me a while. All the paper I used came from my large stash. I do not know the names of the kind of paper since I bought most of it online from someone who was de-stashing their paper. To watch the video tutorial please go here: Crafty Susy's YouTube. Here are pictures of the steps I did after making the Gypsy file.
The first cut, the card base and the pop up base on plain white cardstock.

The cutting of the baby and his accessories.

The cut for the inside of the card

Score the baby where their heads connect

And then again at the neck

This is what it will look like after those scores are made.

I added some ink to the edges of the baby for the inside of the card

I used my re-positional glue to stick this on so I could move it as needed.

I used a copic to color the baby's cheeks and then stuck a small strip of blue cardstock behind the head for the eyes

I glued the pieces onto the pop up card base I cut out

I then attached the lower half of the pop up card base and the card to each other

It looks like this after you have those glued on

I put the little safety pins together, I colored the pins silver.

I then glued them to the inside of the card, so that it will act as a stopper

All done. This is what it looks like standing up on it's own
I figure if I find out if it is a girl I will add a pink bow to the hair and little earrings. Or a headband with a big flower. If it is a boy well I guess she will get it as is....LOL. I will add a sentiment inside before I give it to her. I sure hope she likes it. 

But wait before you celebrate my step-daughter being pregnant (which she was told a number of times it would never happen due to her diabetes and other health issues she had before) I would like to giveaway some blog candy. So please leave a comment and give me some ideas for names for either a girl or a boy. I won't make you become a follower, but I would love it if you would! 

Your next stop is on over to Cheryl at  Go see what she has in store for you today!!! Below is a full list of the participants of the blog hop in case you get lost along the way. Thanks so much for hopping along with us!!

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  1. that is so cute! Congrats Grandma!

  2. So cute! Love the easel card idea for a baby!
    names hmmm... there is a blog that I follow that has a littte girl named Piper Jane. just love that! Good luck

    desaucier at bellsouth dot net

  3. I am a new follower and love your project! I dont have any name suggestions but I want to congratulate you and your daughter on the baby! I hope she has an easy pregnancy.


    hollyshobbie at gmail dot com

  4. Love what you did with this image. I am partial to unusual names, names from ancestors, etc.

  5. OMG! What exciting news for you I thought I was a young Nanny but you will have me bet by 5 years! Congrats! Your card turned out just adorable, I totally love it. TFS!

  6. Super cute card! The diaper pins were a great idea for holding it up. Also congratulations to you and your daughter! How fun and exciting! For a girl I like the name "Presley" and for a boy "Devin". Tfs and have a great day. :)

    stars paper passion at gmail dot com

  7. Wow ... that card is great. Looks like a lot of work. Congrats on being a grandmom again :) I like the name Matthew for a boy and Colleen for a girl.

    pruttybird at comcast dot net

  8. First off, Congratulations on your new grandbaby. I really like the name, Sage for a girl, it is different. I totally relate to your situation with your Gypsy. I am in the same boat. I cannot figure out how to download the files from other people or use it for cutting. Love the idea of it just wish it was more user friendly. Your card is absolutely adorable, you have given me hope on my Gypsy.
    cstephenson at q dot com

  9. What a sweet card. I'm a follower. Can't think of just two names.

    vwilson577 at

  10. Very Cute- she'll love it!! Girl names!?! Here's the run down of names of my daughter's and nieces- Erin, Emily, Avery, Mackenzie, MaKayla, Izzabel, Hannah, and Macey. All under the age of 10!


  11. Adorable design with this cart. "Grace" for a girl. "Troy" for a boy. Best wishes on the new baby.

  12. New follower here and congratulations on the coming new addition. Grandchildren are such a blessing! I love your card :) For a name I would love Aimee and for a boy Jonathan. Thanks for sharing your happy news with us all.

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B
    suenj99 at yahoo dot com

  13. Congrats! This is adorable! Such a clever idea. Your stepdaughter will love this card because it's just so stinkin' cute and it was made by you. Hummm, baby names, there are so many I love!! For boys I like Liam(cause that's my youngest ones name), Tyson, and Justin. For girls I love Brooklyn, Amaya, Mahayla, Aliyah and Bella!

    skcactusflower75 at hotmail dot com

  14. Your easel card turned out just perfect after all your hard work -- she will love it! Congrats on the new g-baby (you are soooo young - fun) I will give you the names of my g-kids: Shane, Parker for boys, Kendyl, Delaney for girls. Let me know if any get used:-) I am a new follower...
    jejaeb at cfl dot rr dot com

  15. Congrats on her being pregnant :D Hubby and I have been trying for our 3rd for a few years now I hope it happens for us soon.

    I only have my favorite names but I do like for girl names like Olivia, Stella, Sophia old names like that

    Your project is cute , thanks for sharing :D

    Perfectlyunperfectcards at gmail dot com

  16. That is so the tutorial that comes with it and a big CONGRATS on the newest gift...what a blessing;0)..TFS
    Sheri G

  17. Super cute! Congrats! I wish the best of luck for you and your family. I have diabetes and have had 2 successful pregnancies with no complications! I know you can't wait to find out if it is a boy or girl!

    amandawoodau at hotmail dot com

  18. Congrats to your step-daughter. Very cute project.
    For a girl:

    For a boy:

    Hope she has an easy pregnancy.

  19. OMGsh Justina.. You are gonna be a granny!!! LOVE IT!!! CONGRATS!!! Girl.. My list of names would keep going and going..I will leave a couple.. IF a girl I like.. Ok.. this is hard not knowing the LAST name!! Want it to sound good too ya know... LOL.. Girl.. Anabelle ( Anna or Bella) Boy.. COLE , Cooper, Colton (my lil man name) hehe.. Now my head is spinning..
    I TOTALLY love your lil baby project!! How cute is that!!!


  20. Congrats Grandma!!!! Your card came out sooo cute! If it's a boy, you can always color his little diaper blue!! Thanks for the tutorial too! It came out great!!

    I'm a little partial to my own kids' names, Christopher Michael is my son's name, and Emily LaFaye (middle name was after a grandmother) is my daughter's name. I caught both the names years ago, right before they became wildly popular! Now just about everyone you meet is either named Chris or Emily!! Haha!

    amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

  21. Wow! I do like this card and the safety pins were such a neat idea to get it to stand up!! I have become a new follower. Congratulations on being a grandma again...a YOUNG grandma!! ;) For names, girl -Emma; boy- Jack. Love those names!!!


  22. Cute card! Shaped cards are fun in themselves but an easel done good!
    Congratulations on the baby, I will pray for her..I had such problems getting pregnant and with her being diabetic she really needs to behave and eat properly...As for names..I have a Luke, Katherine and Annie Leigh but I am partial to Sophie and Noah.. Gsons are Nolan , Eli and Everett..

  23. Congratulations grandma!!!

    I like the name Anthony for a boy and Celeste for a girl.

  24. Ah,Your Card is so Cute!!! Congratulations on being a Grandma. I am the one that everyone comes to, to ask me Baby Names. Because they know I love it. But since I don't know your family. I will have to go with my Grand Children's names. Walker and Scarlett. Or my 98 year old Grand Mother's name Sophie.
    I just became a follower. I just started a Blog. Would Love for you to come visit me. :0)
    cindymarshall63 at hotmail dot com
    cindys-greencricut.blogspot dot com

  25. OMG Justina! This is just adorable. Thanks for showing us the details on how to do it. Your step-daughter will love it. Good luck to her. Hmm... Sophie is a nice name. Thanks for the chance to win.

    creativediva98 at gmail dot com

  26. such an adorable card~she will luv it! thanx!prhmangel@gmail.comsuch an adorable card~she will luv it! thanx!

  27. Congrats, and a super cute card! As for names....I'm an L&D nurse, so I think I've heard them ALL!!! My daughter is Sofia (we call her Sofie) other faves are Molly and Reagan for a girl. For a boy, I like Caleb, Ryan, and Michael. Good luck!

    mderosby at gmail dot com

  28. I LOVE YOUR CARD!!!! It is so cute!! Thanks for sharing with us! I may have to try this out!

    Right now I love the name Raelyn for a girl, especially since my 3rd granddaughter will be born in oct. and this will be her name. We like to be different in our family.

    Thanks for the chance to win, Charlotte

  29. This is too cute! Love the step by step directions, and congrats on the new baby coming! I love the names celest for a girl and constantine for a boy ( I liked that name before amreican idol! hehehe! ) Thanks so much!
    summer_sunset54 at hotmail dot com

  30. Congrats!!! Baby's are just such a precious gift!!! For a boy I love the name Steven or Brandon. For a girl Lauren has always been one of my favorites. I also love the Name Natalie. That's what I named my daughter so I am Nat's mom.


  31. Super cute idea Justina!! Christina

  32. Cute card!! and congrats!! I have 3 girls and one boy I love their names:
    Kelcee Riann
    Carter Riley
    Emma Lu
    Iyla Evelyn (I-la)


  33. this is really cute! I have never made a pop up card. I will try it soon! thanks

  34. maybe a boy name could be daughter loves this name. or a girl's name is Michelle. be blessed with the arrival of the new addition! :-)

  35. Super cute card! And congrats on the upcoming new addition to the family. For I love names that can go for either (Noel or Noelle & Ryan or Rianne) just to name a couple :)

  36. Congratulations on your new grandbaby to be! I have nine myself and know what a blessing they can be....:O) I don't have a Gypsy yet but just seeing your step-by-stip instructions might make a buyer out of me yet! lol! Your card is super cute and I love the safety pins!

  37. Great card!! My fav name for a girl (I have 2 boys!) is Kassidy! Congrats on your exciting news!
    ♥ Laura ♥

  38. Love the card.


  39. Wow what a cute card and congrats. thanks for sharing and for the chance to win. this is so cool how you made this and put it togeather

  40. I love that card. Super neat. Ok so I have two really great names. Boy- Quaid(my 2 yr old)
    Thanks CallyAnn(new follower)

  41. Cute card love that you made it a shaped card. Can't help much with name.
    Katsews at gmail dot com

  42. It turned out great! Doesn't matter about being a follower because I am regardless. Names??? I can't help ya there. I had enough trouble naming my own children. :)

  43. What a great project and awesome tutorial! Thank you so much for taking the time to make that! It relaly was amazing! Love the baby card... darned cute and I JUST BOUGHT THIS CART yesterday cuz i thought i had it and i DIDNT! Now I must have been led by the creative Gods :)TFS! I am a follower and would be honored if you would check out my blog and do the same at if you aren't already. ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!

  44. Congrats to you and your family :) Hard to narrow down girls names but we have a Morgan, Megan, Riley and Ashley. As for boys I always liked Brandon, Nicholas & Justin. This card is off the hook. She will love it!!! I just got this cart the other night. Can't wait to use it! TFS!

  45. Very cute card! Congrats!

    Girl - Olivia

    Boy - Ethan

  46. So sweet..what a neat card too. i have that cart..didn't even know a card could be made from that baby! great job! Bella

  47. Love the card! Girl(Alexandria)...boy(Dallas)

  48. this is so awesome. LOve how it turned out!

  49. quinn for a boy or girl!
    sweetlilscrapper at hotmail dot ca


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