Tuesday, January 12, 2016

EliClaire Baby Carrier Review

Have you heard of EliClaire? Chances are you haven't because they are still a new company. But I was given the opportunity to get one of their amazing baby carriers to review for you all. So who are they? Eliclaire is a young and fast-growing company based in Anif, Austria dedicated in providing top-notch baby products. They launched their baby carrier wrap  with the promise to ensure comfort for parents and babies. The baby carrier wraps allow the child to stay close to the mother  or father and experience a unique feeling of safety and continuous closeness. Recent studies show that the soft, comfortable sensation provided by the baby sling carrier and the sounds of mother’s heartbeat has a very calming effect.

Eliclaire kept the child in mind when creating their wrap and it is made of high-quality fabric that absorbs movement and provide comfort. Easy to put on and adjust, the carrier wrap is stretchy enough to keep the baby comfortable without allowing him or her to shift down and you're able to adjust tying methods to continue its use while the child grows.

So what does that mean for us moms? Well when worn correctly it helps with the distribution of weight your back and shoulders, which means no more back pains and exhaustion. Second, the fabric of the baby carrier wrap is thick enough to keep the baby safe without blocking ventilation, so parents can say goodbye to excessive sweat and heat. Breastfeeding moms can also use the wrap as a nursing cover. So what do you think? Think you can figure it out? Here are a few pictures of the wrap and with it on. It's pretty soft and comfortable. Can't wait to put the baby in it. 

I highly recommend this wrap. It makes as a great gift too! The color is very neutral so both parents can wear it as well as it be used for your little girl or boy. If you'd like one of your own you can get one here: http://www.amazon.com/Eliclaire-Wrap-Sling-Carrier-Original/dp/B017G3MJ5W

*Disclosure: Item was given at a discount for review purposes.*

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