Saturday, January 16, 2016

Introducing the Osaka French Coffee Press

Are you familiar with the French Press? I must say there is some allure to the French Press.  

So why even drink coffee made in a French Press, besides that it looks fancy? There are a few advantages actually. First the oils that coffee has naturally, when you use a paper filter or the plastic machine the oils can either be soaked up or line the plastic parts of the machine. Which in turn leads to a different tasting cup of joe, that some would say tastes like old coffee. So how is it made? Well first you need a French Press, while there are so many options out there I decided to try this double wall press from Osaka. Why double wall? Well in traditional French Presses the single wall version is good for those will be drinking it quickly because as you imagine the glass will make the coffee get cold quickly. The double wall holds in the heat a bit longer. 

So what’s next? You need to have hot water, coarsely ground coffee beans, patience to allow the coffee to steep, then slowly and carefully pressing the plunger down so that the coffee grounds do not escape through the side. So next is the taste test. I must say that coffee made in a French Press is a bold, strong brew. But it also is pure with no weird taste from left over gunk lining your machine and no burnt coffee from allowing the pot to sit on top of the warmer until you drink it.

So what do you think? I see so many more advantages to using a French Press like the fact it will cost less in the end. No more paper filters or K cups, no more huge loss of counter top space from a coffee maker. The French Press can easily be stored in your cabinets out of sight. It is also much easier to clean. Wash it like any other glass cup. For this one I like to make sure to dry the wood so there isn’t any warping.  Plus French Press coffee can be made to your liking. Add more grounds or add less to make your perfect brew. So what are the disadvantages? Well you could shatter the French Press we have done that a few times. Simply by hitting it on the counter or sink too hard. Also having to stand around to press down the coffee a few minutes after you add the water. So you can’t program it to start before you wake up or make it while in the shower. But I believe coffee made in the French Press is much better. 

So that’s my take on making coffee with a French Press. Will you be trying it or do you already? You can find the Osaka French Press here on Amazon.

**I received this item at a discount for review and testing purposes. All opinions are my own and are based on my true feelings of this item.

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