Monday, January 18, 2016

My take on Isa Professionals Victorya Ceramic Flat Iron

Hello everyone! I told you I'd be writing more this year. So let's start with a product review. If you are an online shopper like me then you know how many choices you have out there for any product. So reading reviews are so helpful because they can sway your decision one way or the other depending on your needs. I hope to do more product reviews for you all and give you my truly honest opinions of each and every product. I don't want to be one of those sites that always says every item they get is amazing. But if it deserves the toot I will definitely toot that horn.  So anyways lets get to the flat iron. I don't know if you all know but I have blessed by the hair gods, I think of it as a curse some no most days. It is long and thick. Read that as heavy and a pain in my ass neck.

Let's start wth the basics of the flat iron. The model I got is ISA Professional's Victorya Flat Iron Hair Straightener. This is their 1" Solid Tourmaline Ceramic Plated flat iron.The plates are said to help protect your hair and leave it silky smooth. The plates get hot so you definitely need all the help you an get to protect your hair. This iron also has Smart Temperature Technology, so basically it will self adjust the temperature depending on the thickness and texture of your hair. I find that really handy because I don't want to have to remember what temperature to set it to for the different parts of my hair. And the cord has a 360 degree rotation meaning your cord won't get all twisted up with use. I can't remember how many times I used my curling iron and half way through having to untwist the cord. 

So in the box is really nice, easy to read and open. I like boxes that you know exactly what's inside.
Picture of the box
Inside you will find your flat iron and a manual. Not that you really need on but I guess some people would. Its simple to use this iron. Just plug it in and turn it on. But make sure you have a heat safe surface to lay the flat iron down on. The plates won't actually touch your countertop but they will still radiate a lot of heat.

So before you start! Make sure you have dry hair! Do not use this to dry your hair as it will scorch it. I also use a thermal protective spray, also make sure this dries before you start. I like to brush my hair throughly and spray the spray in after I was it so it can soak into the open cuticles. Once my hair dries naturally (if I'm not in a rush) I add a little bit more spray  and allow that to dry before I flat iron my hair.  So what I did for this post was to flat iron only half of my hair so you can see what my hair looks like when I don't flat iron it and when I do. Now some of you may say but you have straight hair why in the world would you use a flat iron? Well I like my hair flat. I know everyone else wants their hair to look fuller but when you have as much hair as I do then flat works better for me. I mean I  do not want to add more volume to my head. It has enough. It only took me about 15 to 20 minutes to do the one side. I like to start in front and move my way back. If I am in a rush I will spend most time on the top layer of my hair and quickly flatten the underneath since all you will see is the top. Also make sure when you run the iron through your hair to keep it moving. Do not hold it in place or you can burn your hair to the point it will sear right off! When I finish straightening my hair I always add a little shine serum. I mostly do this because I like the anti-frizz component and a lot of them also protect your hair to keep humidity out so that your hair won't unravel if you live in a high humidity climate. 
Left natural Right after the Flat Iron

Left Flat Iron Right Natural 

I had absolutely no problems straightening my hair with this flat iron and it ran smoothly through my hair. When you straighten your hair make sure you don't touch the strands right after you ran the iron through it. Trust me it's HOT!!! I would definitely recommend this flat iron if you are looking for a quick and reliable flat iron. While the price may be off putting sometimes you have to pay a price for a quality item. You don't want something that doesn't heat properly or heats spotty. Your hair is important and you should take care of it. If you are interested in this item you can find the Victorya here: 

If you bought it or have other questions please feel free to contact me. I am no professional but I know what works for me and am happy to pass along any knowledge I may have. Let me know if you like this post and what other items you'd like to me to review.

*Disclosure: Item in post was provided to me for free or at a discount in exchange for a review. All opinions of the item are my own real thoughts and 100% honest.* 

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