Sunday, January 17, 2016

Need more light for a good selfie?

Well I have found the perfect thing. This is a good selfie stick with an led light that has three settings.  You do have to download an app to use it, but it was easy to download and use after that. I suggest you read the little instructions. I could not figure out the light and then finally read that you have to switch the power on for the light to work. Which is good so you don't waste the battery life. You do have to charge this stick so I'd suggest doing that overnight or for at least a few hours. Once my daughter finds out it has a light i'm sure i will be missing a selfie stick but she'd probably use it more than me anyways so I'm ok with that. I do love that it comes in a little bag and it is pretty compact. So taking this places would be easy to do. Just remember that a lot of places don't allow selfies sticks anymore so don't take it every where. Or look up the rules before you go. I'd be sad to lose this stick or have to walk back to my car just to put it away. I have included some pictures and a link to this great product!

Switch to turn on light & usb plug in

First light setting

Second light setting

Third light setting

You can buy it here on Amazon. Thanks for checking out my post and review. I do give it 5 stars because we all know a good selfie start with good lighting!

**I received this item at a discount for review and testing purposed. All opinions are my own.

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